Stained Glass Hearts Designs

“Above all things love is the purest emotion on this earth even though it makes you bleed, cry, hurt, and smile…nothing else you will ever feel is quite like it” – Carrie M. Pennington


Stained Glass Hearts are my original creation. They started out as doodles that turned into hearts resembling stained glass. Each design is hand-drawn, unique, and colorful. You can view photos of my design process here and blank designs here! They represent love in all it’s forms because above all things I believe in love. Aside from the regular, basic Stained Glass Hearts Designs I also have created hearts with poetry and sayings, a “Love in Any Language” line of designs, a Wiccan line of designs, and a Zodiac line of designs.

I am a strong believer in love, knowledge, freedom, and awareness. With a strong belief in being yourself and not conforming to things you don’t believe in I hope to see my designs displayed and worn proudly. My vision of people being unafraid to be who is something I also hope to carry with the designs.

From November 2013 – May 2015, prints were available through Mystikal Crescent Moon’s shop. As of May 2015, prints and more from the designs are available in my shop! All prints come signed by me and customization options are available. Prints are available in sizes from 4×6 to 16×20. Aside from prints, I’m working on other items including Photoshop brushes that you can purchase featuring my original designs! View examples of these here.

My Vision

To me stained glass is something that is broken and put back together then made into something beautiful. Everyone has been broken at least once in their lives. And those that haven’t, know someone who has been broken. I believe no matter how broken anything or anyone can become there is still beauty to behold. A stained glass heart is beautifully broken and re-made. To me it represents love in every aspect and the true beauty of the soul. We are all beautiful in our own ways, and love is beautiful and pure no matter what joy or pain it brings

Stained Glass Hearts is about spreading awareness of love, individualilty, and equality. They are meant to bring a message of anti-hate and anti-discrimination. Displaying or wearing a stained glass heart means you are an individual. You are different. You are beautiful. It’s not about what society thinks. It’s about being yourself. Be yourself. Be a stained glass heart.

Custom Heart Designs

I will happily custom create designs for you! I will do custom work to a previously designed heart, custom work on a blank design, or even custom create a design for you from scratch. If you would like to have something custom created for you please do not hesitate to contact me.

Custom Design Prices

Custom Changes and Additions to Previously Designed Hearts: $5 – $20 per Design

Custom Creation of a Blank Design: $25 – $50 per Design

Custom Creation of a Design from scratch: $75 – $100 and up per Design

Licensing of Stained Glass Hearts

I will happily grant licensing of my Stained Glass Hearts for personal and commercial use! Personal use can be defined as use of the designs for invitations, announcements, etc. Personal licensing is only granted for use on things that you will make no profit from and is in most cases free. Commercial use can be defined as use in anything such as book covers and items that you will make a profit from. If you would like to request licensing of these designs for personal or commercial use, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Licensing Fees

Licensing for Commercial Use: $50 per Heart Design


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