Fan Art

Fan Art for me was the main reason I started learning how to do design work. I would get ideas in my head that revolved around a song, movie, tv show, etc and wanted to be able to create it. Looking back on all of it, I can see exactly how far I have come as a designer. I love to look through the pieces and actually see my progression as an artist. I still create fan art from time to time as a hobby. It is just another way for me to be creative that will always be special to me because it is how I first started doing graphic art.

Icons, Avatars, & Signature Banners

Wallpapers, Headers, & More

 photo vintageradioav_zps1hrkzafb.jpg photo vintageradiobanner_zpszdh54gff.jpg

 photo doctor-rose-lovedyou_zpsnpttdc20.png

 photo scarlett so small banner_zpsgypc6mdy.jpg

 photo emmaavi_zpsdimccgjv.png photo emmabanner_zps0e6riacd.png

 photo MQ L Floor Avatar_zps0lgyictm.jpg photo MQ L Cristina Avatar_zps7vf30hhm.jpg photo MQ L Charlotte Avatar_zpsght2pvck.jpg photo MQ L Simone Avatar_zpswf4iwivw.jpg

 photo tarjabeautybanner_zpsxyblrtol.jpg

 photo bsgcouplesheader_zpsmiw8mvae.jpg

 photo amyleeavi_zpsijrpaxrm.jpg photo amyleebanner_zps68jqkuan.jpg

 photo wtjillianeindhovenheader_zps8pig7hao.jpg


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