Background Creations and Samples

These are just some original creations of mine that would be great for background use. I’ll be updating this page as I make some more.


 photo Cardwatercolorbk1resize_zpsci9kiu3e.jpg

 photo Cardwatercolorbk2resize_zpseqzclmbn.jpg

Shape Cut Outs

 photo heartcutoutresized_zpsgla2ymml.png

 photo heartcutout2resized_zpsodn6xc8j.png

 photo heartcutout3resized_zpsw2aw9tfh.png

 photo heartcutout4resized_zpsf0i82lux.png

 photo heartcutout5resized_zpsaarj5f4g.png


 photo galaxyredgreenbackgroundresized_zpsaoacfgff.jpg

 photo galaxybackgroundbwresized_zpsneepnqiw.jpg

 photo galaxybackground1resize_zpso8q9ccc8.jpg

 photo galaxybackground2resize_zps6ozwdphm.jpg

 photo galaxybackground3resize_zps9iutgnui.jpg

 photo galaxybackground4resize_zps8ncyemoo.jpg

 photo galaxybackground5resize_zpsdkkskr29.jpg

Gothic and Dark

 photo custombackgroundtextureresized_zpsz9rrgy1z.jpg


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