I have over ten years of experiences designing in Photoshop. I have an extensive portfolio here for anyone to view and I keep it updated so that my latest work is always visible. I have created Book Covers, Ads, Marketing Materials, Logos, Fantasy Art, and Fan Art. I am mostly self taught but have had some training in art and design classes. A lot of my abilities have come from just working in Photoshop for long periods of time to build different types of artwork. I am, also, the creator of Stained Glass Hearts designs. These designs started out as doodles in my sketch pad that resembled stained glass, as named by my best friend. After drawing them, and in some cases coloring them, I scan them into the computer for some editing in Photoshop. I have done a lot of different things with them and am looking forward to doing more. I let my active creative mind do a lot of the guiding for me. I love getting the opportunity to make new pieces and the challenge of trying to do something that I have never done before.


View my portfolio from these links or from the drop-down menu above.

Background Creations and Samples

Design Samples

Book Cover Designs

Logo Designs

Header and Ad Designs

Marketing Material Designs

Stained Glass Hearts Designs

Fantasy Art

Fan Art


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