Editing & Design Packages

Editing, Formatting, and Book Design Services

In need of an Editor for your article, blog, story, or book? Need help formatting your work for publication? Looking for assistance with the interior book design? I can help! I have been working with writing and publication actively since I was a high school student, working as a staff member of the school’s literary publication. I have, also, studied English, Literature, Theatre, and Creative Writing in college. I am, also, a member of the executive staff of KCL Publishing, a small independent publisher. I enjoy writing myself and can not only give the perspective of a reader but the heart of a writer to your work as an editor. I am KCL’s staff member in charge of publication so working with formats and interior design of books for print and E-book publication have become second nature. I would love to work with you on any of your work to help you grow as a writer. I am available for Proofreading, Copy Editing, Content Editing, Publication Formatting, and Interior Book Design services. Check out more information on these services here or contact me.

Graphic Art and Design Services

Needing some design work done? I have convenient packages put together for everything you might need. Don’t see a package for what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! You can contact me for a custom created package for exactly what you need!

Types of design work I can do: Book Covers, Media Kits, Logos, Headers, Ads, Marketing Materials, Stationary Items, and more!

Types of design packages available: Book Cover Design Packages, Media Kits, Logos, Headers, Ads, Marketing Materials, Businesses, Brands, Stationary, Invitations, Announcements, Parties, Events, Weddings, Babies, Graduation, and more!

Discounts for Frequent Clients and Client Referrals

I will have discounts available for any and all repeat clients. If you are commissioning me for a second time, you will receive 10% off the cost of services. That discount will remain for every commission you hire me for after that as well. On your third commission you hire me for, you will receive a free Header, Marketing Tool, or Stationary Item design of your choice. As clients become more frequent, I will add more bonuses for you to enjoy!

I, also, will give any client a discount on their next commission if they send me a successful referral. For every referral, you will get 10% off the cost of the next service you commission me for! For every third referral, you will receive a free Header, Marketing Tool, or Stationary Item design of your choice!

Please note that you may only receive a maximum of 20% off per commission. If you are a frequent client and have given me multiple successful referrals, the referral discounts will be given as one referral discount per commission. A frequent client who has given me three successful referrals would receive 20% off their next three commissions they hire me for as a combination of the frequent client and referral discounts!


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