Taking Classes!

I have decided to take some online courses in Graphic Design. I’ve signed up through Coursera to take their Graphic Design Specialty which is done through CalArts. I’m rather excited to take some formal classes and learn new ways to work as a designer. At the end of these five courses, I’ll have a certificate in Graphic Design! I can’t wait to post that everywhere! My classes officially start next week! I’ll keep everyone posted on how this learning is helping me to better myself as a designer.


Completely Updated Portfolio!!!

I have finally been able to completely update my portfolio with recent artworks designed for Rachel Rain Martin, Mahinour Tawfik, and Lola Blake. I’ve also got some other projects in the works in terms of artwork, book design, and editing.

onthebluffsfrontcoverfinalresizedWhat I’ve been doing for Rachel Rain Martin:

  • Book Cover Design for the re-release of On the Bluffs of Cane Creek
  • Header Design
  • Bookmark Design
  • Poster Design
  • Presentation Folder Design





darksecretsfrontcoverfinalresizeWhat I’ve been doing for Mahinour Tawfik:

  • Editing, Formatting, and Internal Design for her debut poetry collection, Dark Secrets
  • Book Cover Design for Dark Secrets







lust front cover resizedWhat I’ve been doing for Lola Blake:

  • Editing the first novel in her Seven Sisters Series, titled Lust
  • Book Cover Design for Lust







front cover resizedMy upcoming Projects:

  • Formatting and Internal Design for Lola Blake’s Lust
  • Completion of Book Cover Design for Lola Blake’s Lust
  • Internal Book Design for Samantha Dempsey’s Mason Monkey and the Golden Banana
  • Book Cover Design for LB Stimson’s Redwood
  • Editing the second of Lola Blake’s Seven Sisters Series, titled Gluttony
  • Book Cover Design for Rachel Rain Martin’s Montana Dreamer
  • Book Cover Design for Lola Blake’s Gluttony
  • Formatting and Internal Design for Lola Blake’s Gluttony



I am always taking commissions so if there is something you are looking to have done, don’t hesitate to contact me!