Creating Stained Glass Hearts

These designs are very important to me because they are all mine. They are an original creation of my creative mind that I am happy to be sharing with the world. This will give you a little more insight into the process that goes into my creation of them. Every design starts out as hand drawn then outlined by hand in black permanent marker. I color just as many of the designs by hand as I do in Photoshop. Once I have scanned a completed design onto my hard drive, I input it into Photoshop for some editing. I edit the color and look of the design using various tools and effects. I then carefully remove the white from around the design so that I can move it between multiple types of backgrounds. Once I have done all of those things, I choose whether or not I should add some type of words or phrase to the design. The process is very personal and can be quite lengthy. These designs are my pride and joy so they always get the best work I can give them.

Creative Tools and Previews

 photo creativeprocess15 resized_zps9a2cpu4z.jpg

 photo creativeprocess14 resized_zpsjbilfhet.jpg

 photo creativeprocess13 resized_zps3owjjanx.jpg

 photo previews resized_zpscnmc3luy.jpg

 photo previews2 resized_zpsjfvzsg2k.jpg

The Creation of the Ocean Kaleidoscope Heart

 photo creativeprocess1 resized_zps4pvryis2.jpg

 photo creativeprocess2 resized_zpswj09uk4e.jpg

 photo creativeprocess3 resized_zpsiwfctzrv.jpg

 photo creativeprocess4 resized_zpshiduxarq.jpg

 photo creativeprocess5 resized_zpswvkagrrv.jpg

 photo creativeprocess6 resized_zpswsnals7n.jpg

 photo creativeprocess7 resized_zpsr1egavmu.jpg

 photo creativeprocess8 resized_zpsuazndrem.jpg

 photo creativeprocess9 resized_zpswvzrpnig.jpg

 photo creativeprocess10 resized_zpslzrpmqn9.jpg

 photo creativeprocess11 resized_zps2blwelg9.jpg

 photo creativeprocess12 resized_zpscrslqyr3.jpg