DIY Projects and Ideas

I am too creative to just sit still! I started out just creating Stained Glass Hearts designs. That’s become just the tip of the iceberg for me! I have started creating new strands for my medical ID bracelets that I have to wear. It’s been a fun and exciting process as I have gone from wearing something that used to only come in boring and is always quite expensive to creating inexpensive and fashionable strands that I can interchange depending on my outfit! Wearing a medical bracelet can be bothersome for many people like myself but I’ve made it something that I don’t mind so much anymore. It all began when I found a company that made fashionable bracelets because of it being so difficult to have one that’s cute. All of these bracelets used to be the same boring and ugly pieces that people with a love of fashion like myself wished to avoid wearing at all costs. Unfortunately, a medical bracelet is not something that one can completely avoid wearing if their doctor has requested that they do so. I took things one more step when I noticed that a strand alone was at least $50 and went shopping at a craft store. I’ve been making and customizing new strands for me so that I have more than one fashionable bracelet that just happens to contain a medical ID tag. It’s something that I have found to be quite easy and fun to do! I’ll be posting some DIY how-to’s on how to do this for anyone out there who is tired of the boring and wants to not despise wearing their medical bracelet. I’ve also recently started customizing a shirt or two. I’ve just begun on it but I’ve found it’s a great way to keep a shirt you love that’s just gotten a size or more too big. Always keep an eye out on my pages for the latest little creative project I’ve been up to!

~*Current Projects*~

  • Creating custom and fashionable medical bracelet strands
  • Creating interchangeable straps for my shoes

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