About Le Fey Designs and Creative Services

logoiconfbLe Fey Designs is my personal design label for all of my freelance graphic artwork. I accept commissions for book cover designs, promotional pieces (flyers, promo art, etc), business cards, facebook cover photos, and more. I, also, accept commission for editing, formatting, and book design. If you have any inquiries please send them by email (carrielefeydesigns@gmail.com) or inbox my facebook page. I am a Graphic Designer with more than a decade of experience in working with design within Photoshop.  My experience with writing, editing, formatting, and book design comes from my studies (English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing), working on a school literary publication, and my work with KCL Publishing. I have also recently received a certification in Graphic Design which you can view further down this page. I have set up many packages and options for whatever your needs may be. For projects where the cost is set by the amount of hours worked, my hourly fee is $15 per hour. Please note that the package or design cost does not use the cost to commercially use stock photos. I try to only target free stock pieces but if the client requests one that costs, it will be an additional charge to cover this extra fee. I am happy to work with anyone who needs something special designed for their business, book, and more. I am very focused on meeting the needs of my clients. If you’re in need of having any design work done, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always seeking new clients!

You can view my portfolio here. I will post some of my non-commercial and fan art pieces as well as my commissioned ones. You may also view examples of my work via my deviantart account.

I will create a detailed invoice for every client once I have completed their project in addition to the initial invoice. At least half of the estimated cost must be paid up front. Once the project is complete, the remainder of balance must be paid before the client will receive their files. All payments are done via paypal. Please note that all sales are final and I have a no refund policy.

I am, also, available as a contributing writer, copywriter, and editor! Please check out my section of writing, DIY, inspirations, and more to see a little bit more of the things that I can do on an editorial and creative writing basis! My rates are negotiable at $15 – $30 per article or project depending on the length and detail required. Please contact me if you would like me to write for your magazine, news site, etc!

About Me

IMG_3680I am me. Nothing or no one can change that. I am a student of the world. I love to learn new things and to experience life with an open heart and mind. I believe in love, nature, magic, and positivity. I do my best to always find the silver lining in everything that happens. I follow my own path in life and believe it was what I was meant to walk.

I am an Entrepreneur, writer, artist, animal lover, and proud pagan. I am President of KCL Publishing, a brand new Indie Publishing company created by authors, for authors. The goals of KCL Publishing are based on the success of the writers, not of the company. We want to help nurture new writers into their dreams that feel held back by the cost and demands of publishing by a large publishing house. I love to write and talk about the things that I love the most. Keep an eye out on my section of Inspirations, Articles, DIY, and more for the other things that I am dabbling in with my life! I am the artist behind Stained Glass Hearts as well. Stained Glass Hearts are my hand-crafted designs that started out as simple doodles but became so much more. You can find more information about them in my portfolio along with photos of the various designs.

~*My Certifications*~

Fundamentals of Graphic Design by California Institute of the Arts on Coursera

~*Current Projects*~

Cover Art

  • Redwood by LB Stimson, releasing October 26, 2016 from KCL Publishing
  • Gluttony: A Seven Sisters Novel by Lola Blake, releasing January 25, 2017 from KCL Publishing
  • Montana Dreamer by Rachel Rain Martin, release date March 22, 2017 from KCL Publishing


  • Gluttony: A Seven Sisters Novel by Lola Blake, releasing January 25, 2017 from KCL Publishing


  • Gluttony: A Seven Sisters Novel by Lola Blake, releasing January 25, 2017 from KCL Publishing

Book Design

  • Gluttony: A Seven Sisters Novel by Lola Blake, releasing January 25, 2017 from KCL Publishing



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