Portfolio Updates!

nullI’ve recently updated my portfolio to include the complete artwork for Lola Blake‘s Lust: A Seven Sisters Novel. I was more than just the cover artist for this YA novel. I, also, worked on this project as the editor! I have absolutely loved working on this project and want to share this wonderful story with the world. Lola has penned an amazing novel, which also serves as a great start to this series. The next book in the series, Gluttony, is due out the end of this year/early next year. I’m really eager to get to work on the editing and artwork process for it as well. I’ve chosen the stock photos already that I will be working with. Previews for it should be coming soon!

Lust is now available. Buy it here! You can view the complete cover artwork here.

I’ve, also, recently added a flyer design that I’ve completed for Rachel Rain Martin. You view it in the Marketing Material Designs section of my portfolio.

Now I’m off to work on an assignment for my first class! I’m always taking commissions so if you need any design work done, don’t hesitate to contact me.



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