Phoenix from the Ashes Teasers

With Phoenix from the Ashes: Poetry from Personal Struggle, Rebirth, and Triumph by Helena Lancaster about to release, I did some teaser designs for her with her chosen preview poems for this upcoming collection. View the KCL Publishing blog reveal of these teasers here.

 photo phoenixfromtheashesteaseriwillkeeprising_zpsh0hrzfun.jpg

 photo phoenixfromtheashesteaseridrown_zps7uck16dy.jpg

 photo phoenixfromtheashesteaseredgeofgoodbye_zpsbruv0fkb.jpg

 photo phoenixfromtheashesteaserbrokenchains_zpsctpw5vui.jpg

 photo phoenixfromtheashesteaserchanging_zpsho89ioe5.jpg

 photo phoenixfromtheashesteasermydeclarationoffreedom_zpsfpsnnkij.jpg

 photo phoenixfromtheashesteaserparanoia_zpsmh1wbpre.jpg

 photo phoenixfromtheashesteaserpurgeme_zpso3zebw5z.jpg

 photo phoenixfromtheashesteaservowofaphoenix_zpsls0lkq9d.jpg


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