Big Changes!

A lot of things have changed here! I have not only added services for editing, formatting, and internal book design but for writing and editing articles as well! I have added a section for articles, DIY, inspirations, and more too! It will be filled with things that I love, inspire me, my DIY projects, and articles I have written. Le Fey Designs is becoming more than it ever has been! I original started it as design company for my professional design work but it is now becoming about all facets of my creativity. I will now make this a bit more personal as it is a part of me! You will see a lot more about each little thing that I am up to. I hope that my creative projects and bit of silliness not only brings others inspiration but a bit of positive light to their lives. I have added links to my personal twitter and instagram to the contact me & links section for everyone to check out too!

Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv

Oh and by the way…I am now located in Bucharest, Romania! Until my next update, please stay tuned for the addition of so much more creativity to this website!


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